Updated: 10-23  2015
Selling November 2nd, 2015 - SC Online Sale
Tag 102
Loaded up x Angus
  Tag 104
I-80 x Lifeline
Tag 103
I-80 x Lifeline (High Maine)
  Tag 106
Optimus Prime x Gridiron (1/2 Sim)
Tag 108
Rodger That x Upgrade (1/2 Sim)
  Tag 101
Eagle Scout x Smiling Bob (High Chi)
Tag 105
I-80 x Hairy Bear (Maintainer)
  Tag 111
Irish Whiskey x OCC Loreto (Maintainer)
Tag 112
Irish Whiskey x Grizzly (Maintainer)
  Tag 107
MAB x Sin City (Shorthorn Plus)
Tag 109
By-Product x TC Stockman 365 (Angus)
All Calves are sold as is with no implied guarantee of quality, soundness, fertility, disposition, etc. If you question a particular calf, do not bid on that individual.