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Able Acres Indiana 
Abney Family Cattle Genetics Wisconsin 
About Time               AI Sire
Alden Farms Missouri
Ames Cattle Company Indiana
Anderson Club Calves Nebraska
Anderson Show Steers Texas 
APEX Show Cattle     Premium Link Nebraska
Ark Valley Cattle Company Kansas
Arlington Cattle Texas 
Ashmoor Cattle Company Iowa
Assman Land & Cattle South Dakota
Austin Club Calves Texas


Baker Ranch/Homestead Genetics Texas
Barber Club Calves South Dakota
Barker Show Cattle Ohio

Bartels Brothers Shorthorns

Baughman Show Cattle      Ohio
Beck Show Steers Wisconsin 
Beeson Show Calves Iowa 
Beitelspacher Ranch South Dakota 
Beitelspacher Club Calves South Dakota 
Beitz Simmentals Iowa
Bell Cattle Company Texas

Benda/Freking Club Calves


Bergeleen Club Calves

South Dakota
B-Good Livestock Co. Iowa
B J Ranch Club Calves Texas
Black Ace Show Cattle Colorado
Black Hereford Ranch Oklahoma
Blair Boyz Cattle Company Canada
Bloomberg Cattle Illinois
Blue Bird Ranch South Dakota
Blue Print Cattle Co. Iowa

Bluestem Club Calf Fall Edition Sale

Bonham Show Cattle Oklahoma 
Bowman Cattle Company Ohio
Boysel Cattle Co. Ohio

Brad Hook Cattle Promotions

Breeder's Classic Production Sale Iowa
Breeders Showcase Illinois

Brines Farms

Briscoe Cattle Company Indiana
Buck Cattle Company Oklahoma 

Burg Club Calves

South Dakota

Burke Show Cattle

Butt's Prairie Acres Indiana
Byrom Horse & Cattle TN


Cadavic Land & Cattle Saskatchewan 

Caffee Maines

South Dakota

Les Caffee

South Dakota 

Caldwell Show Steers

Calf Quest                                              Premium Link Missouri
Calydon Ranch Pennsylavnia
Canaan Cattle Company Texas

Carrousel Farms

Carstens Farms, LTD. Iowa

Caswell Club Calves

Cattle Hill Farms Pennsylvania
Cedar Top Ranch Nebraska 
Changing Times Club Calf Sale Indiana

3C Christensen Bros. Simmentals

South Dakota
Circle F Cattle Company Indiana
ClearView Cattle Company Indiana
Club Calves of the Rockies Wyoming
Coleman Angus Montana
Connell Stock Farm Illinois
Conry Club Calves Tennessee 
Core Farms Iowa

Cornell Shorthorns


Covey Club Calves

South Dakota
Craig's Show Cattle Indiana
Crall Show Cattle Iowa

Crawford Bros.Club Calves

CRC Show Steers Texas
Crittenden Farm Iowa
Cross Creek Farm Illinois


Daines Cattle Company Alberta 
Day Show Cattle Texas
D & D Cattle Co. Pennsylvania
Dean Brown Company Ohio
Dechristofaro Show Cattle Ohio
Dennert Maines South Dakota 
Dakota Summer Borns

South Dakota

Deiter Bros. South Dakota
DeJong Ranch

South Dakota

Delk Chiangus Indiana
DeRouchey Cattle Company

South Dakota

Detherage Show Steers Oklahoma 
Diamond Hill Cattle Company Oklahoma
Diamond M Cattle Company Kansas
Diamond Shorthorns Canada
Dickinson Cattle Co. Inc. Ohio
Dietz - Olson Club Calves


Double G Farms Ohio
Double J Club Calves Oklahoma
Double R Cattle Co. Missouri
Double R Simmentals Ohio
Doug Smith Show Cattle Ohio
Drake Simmental Iowa
Duxbury Cattle Co.

South Dakota


Eason Show Cattle Iowa
Eberspacher Enterprises Minnesota
E'Delweiss Farm Ohio
Evans Farms Iowa


Farrer Stock Farms


Fashion Show Sale

Fennig Show Cattle Ohio 
Ferrari Cattle Co.            California
Fevold Show Steers Iowa
Fimple Show Cattle Ohio
Fisher Cattle Company Kansas
Five Star Cattle Company Missouri
Foggy Hollow Farm Ohio

Fogleman Club Calves

Foreman Cattle Co. Iowa
Forman Show Steers South Dakota
Forster Farms Nebraska
Foundation Female Sale Illinois 
4R Farms Shorthorns Indiana
4 C Club Calves Pennsylvania
4 D Shorthorns Oklahoma
Foxland Farms MI

Franklin Cattle Co.


Frasher Family Club Calf Sale


Freeman's CF Ranch


Frye Cattle Co.

Frye Show Cattle Iowa
Fuss Cattle Co. Oklahoma


Gardner Show Calves Pennsylvania

Gassman's Club Calves

South Dakota
Geffert Cattle Company Wisconsin

Geppert Club Calves

South Dakota
RGSC Geppert Show Cattle South Dakota
Gensini Show Steers Illinois 
Georgia Club Calf Producers Association Georgia

Gerdes Cow Camp

South Dakota
Gerstner Farms     Kansas
Gettinger Chi-Angus Farm Indiana
Gilardi Land and Cattle California
Gladewater Farms Illinois

Goertzen Show Calves

Goff -Richardson - Scamihorn   Indiana
Golden Hill Farms Pennsylvania
Golightly Cattle Iowa
Graceland Enterprises           Indiana


Gramm Farms Minnesota
Grassland Genetics Iowa
Graves Show Cattle Indiana
Gray Family Farms Indiana
Green Country Club Calves Oklahoma
Green Valley Cattle Nebraska
Gregory Farms Oklahoma
DBA Greiman Cattle Co Iowa
Grell Show Cattle Oklahoma
Grinstead Cattle Co.                               Premium Link Indiana


Habeger Show Cattle


Hainy Farms

South Dakota
Halderman Show Cattle       Ohio
Hanewich Cattle Company Indiana
Harding Cattle Company Ohio
Harkema Cattle Company Iowa
Harrah Family Shorthorns Ohio

Harris Show Steers

Hartman Cattle Company Nebraska
Hartly Show Calves Pennsylvania
Harvey Cattle Company Indiana 
Haywood Cattle Company Iowa
Heisey Farms Missouri
Henderson Shorthorns Iowa

Henry's Show Cattle

Henthorn Club Calves Ohio
Heritage Farm Maine-Anjou Ohio
Hester's Cattle Co. Oklahoma
Hibma Show Cattle Iowa 
Hilbrands Simmentals Minnesota
Hildreth Show Calves Pennsylvania
Hiler Family Show Cattle Ohio

Hillview Farm


Hine Show Steers

South Dakota
HJF Cattle Company Pennsylvania
Hoffman Cattle Company        Updated: 8/9/05 Indiana
Hollenbeck Farms Nebraska
Holmes Show Cattle Iowa
Holt-Ragsdale Shorthorns Kentucky
Brad Hook Cattle Promotions Iowa
Hope Ridge Farm Ohio

Hopp Cattle Co.

Horsley/Cardinal Illinois
Horn Livestock Texas
Horstman Cattle Co. Indiana
Howard Genetics  Oklahoma
Hrabe Farms Kansas
Hrutkay Show Calves Pennsylvania
Hunter Farms Ohio
Hutchcroft Stock Farm Iowa



Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Council

Interstate Classic Sale South Dakota 


Jackson Farms Club Calves

Jackson Cattle Company Ohio
Janssen Farms Iowa
Jarck Cattle Company Indiana
Jass Simmentals Iowa
JBS Shorthorns Illinois
J&C Simmentals Nebraska

Jett-Gardner Shorthorns

JLS Cattle Co. Ohio
Jochimsen Cattle Co. Missouri
Johnson Cattle Company Ohio
J S Simmentals Iowa
Juncks' Simmentals Iowa
Jungels Shorthorns North Dakota
Junior Nebraska Cattlemen Nebraska


KA'BA Ranch


Kelly Cattle Co


Kennedy Club Calves

Kelle Club Calves & DC Cattle Company Oklahoma
KFA Simmentals Wisconsin
Kinsel Ranch Texas
KJ Cattle Iowa
KLC Livestock Farm West Virginia

Klehm Farm

Klingner Farms Missouri
Kopp Land & Livestock    Indiana
Kosiorek Cattle Services Iowa
Krauss Club Calves Kansas

Kramer Farms


Kroupa Show Steers

South Dakota

Krueger Club Calves

South Dakota


Laabs Cattle Co. Iowa
Laban Roanoke Farm Iowa

LaJay Show Cattle


Lake View Cattle Co.

Nebraska & Iowa
Lane Show Calves Indiana
Larrison Club Calves Indiana
Larry Martin Cattle Sales Illinois

Lautner Semen Sales


Wayne Lautner

Lazy Heart J Ranch Idaho
Leaders Simmentals Iowa
Lee's Cattle Company Texas
Lindsey Composite Cattle Ohio

LM Cattle

L & R Stock Farm Iowa
Lucas Family Club Calves Ohio
Lucky 7 Farms Ohio


Mackey Show Cattle Kansas
Maddox Cattle Co. Texas
Maggle Simmental Farms Wisconsin
Majors Maines Nebraska

Manchester Livestock

Maples Family Alabama
Martin - Quimby - Goff   Elite Heifer Sale     Indiana
Martin Cattle Company Missouri
Massman/McCullough  Show Cattle Iowa

Bobby May Show Steers

Dan May Club Calves Oklahoma
Mccune Enterprises, Inc. Kansas
McFarlands Cattle Indiana
Mcintire Show Cattle Virginia
Mckelvey Show Steers Ohio
Mcmillen / Scherr Club Calves Ohio
Meadow Lane Farms Missouri
Meek Cattle Company Missouri

Mertens Cattle Co.

South Dakota
Messmer Club Calves South Dakota
Meyer Family Shorthorns Indiana
Midwest Show Calf Producers  Promotion Group Iowa
Mike Miller Club Calves Iowa
Miller Cattle Company Indiana
Miller Show Cattle Ontario
Mitchell Family Shorthorns Iowa
Moffitt Angus Farm Iowa
Moothart Cattle Co. Iowa
Morgan Show Calves Missouri
Moser Ranch Kansas

Mogck Angus Farms

South Dakota
Muhlenbuch Family Farms Iowa
Murphy Show Calves Ohio
Musser Show Calves Indiana


Nagel Cattle Company

South Dakota
Nagel Stock Farm Wisconsin
Neel Show Cattle Minnesota
Neil Cattle Company Iowa
R&D Nelson Show Cattle Ohio
Nibert Simmental Farm Pennsylvania

Nissen Show Steers


NLC Club Calves

South Dakota
North Dakota Club Calf Assoc. North Dakota
Northeast Oklahoma Club Calves Oklahoma
Northern Starr Livestock Services Minnesota
North View Club Calves Minnesota


O BAR O farms Oklahoma
Ochs Show Cattle Wisconsin

O'Connor & Rogers Club Calves

O'Hara Land and Cattle Montana
Ohio Chianina Association Ohio
Ohio Valley Cattlemen Ohio
Ohio's Finest Show Calf Extravaganza Ohio
Ohlrichs, Wayne & Barb   Nebraska
Oklahoma Club Calf Association Oklahoma
O'Leary Show Steers Wisconsin
Olson Ranch Club Calves South Dakota

Orrell Herefords

Oval f Ranch Missouri


Palmer Show Cattle    Nebraska
Parke Livestock Kentucky
Paws Ranch California
Pearl Creek Ranch South Dakota
Peters Cattle Co Kansas
Petzold Cattle Company Oklahoma
Pickering Show Cattle   Indiana
Pierce Angus Farms Iowa
Pilkington Cattle Nebraska
Pleasant Farms, Inc. Ohio
Plumbtree Shorthorns Oklahoma
P.M. Cattle Company Oklahoma
Poad Cattle Company Wisconsin
Pohlman Farms Ohio
Polyock Club Calves Wisconsin
Potter Simmentals Iowa
Preferred Stock Farm Iowa
Premier Cattle Services Iowa
Prime Cut Ranch South Dakota 

Prime Time Agri Marketing Network

Pruet Show Cattle       Indiana

Pryor Show Cattle

Purple Ribbon Club Calf Sale     Nebraska
Purple Ribbon Genetics Iowa
PVF Simmentals Indiana


Quam Cattle Co.

Questing Hills Land & Cattle Iowa


Ramsey Chiangus Nebraska
Randle Land & Cattle Colorado
Reck Bros. and Sons Iowa
Red Valley Shorthorns Ohio
Reed Cattle Company Indiana
Rein Angus Farm Minnosita

Reiss Club Calves

Richardson Show Cattle Illinois
Richardson Show Cattle Illinois
Richardson Show Steers Texas
Riley Farms Missouri
Rinkes Show Cattle Ohio
Rocking B Cattle Co. Iowa
Rodrock Ranch Kansas
Rohaley Show Calves Pennsylvania
Rosanky Cattle Co. Texas
Rowe Embryos Ohio
Rowe Show Cattle            Ohio
Roy Shorthorns          Indiana

Rozeboom Show Cattle


Ryan Cattle

Rydeen Farms Minnesota


Salt Creek Cattle Indiana
Salton Cattle Company Iowa

Sand Creek Club Calves

South Dakota
Savell Farm Texas
SB Simmentals Iowa
Scamihorn Shorthorns      Indiana
Schaad Cattle Company Ohio
Schmitz Club Calves North Dakota
Schott Cattle Company Iowa
Schroeder Show Steers Texas

Schultz Show Cattle

Scott Sandeen Iowa
Sculpture Cattle Genetics South Dakota
Seedstock Resources Nebraska

Seibold Shorthorns

Select Genetics Pennsylvania

Seven C's Club Calves

Sexton Shorthorns Iowa
Shada Simmental Iowa
Shady View Cattle Company Iowa
Shane & Goshe Show Cattle Ohio
Shoestring Ranch Minesota
Sho-Me Shorthorns Missouri
Shultz Ranch Oklahoma
Shroyer Show Stock Ohio
Sidwell Hay & Cattle Colorado
Sieck Show Cattle Nebraska
Siegrist Show Cattle Ohio
Simon & Sons Angus Indiana
Sims Cattle Company Ohio
Sinclair Cattle Company      Indiana

Sinkie Club Calves

South Dakota
6 Bar S Cattle Co. INC. Kansas
S J Show Cattle Nebraska
S & J Cattle Company Ohio
Skymile Farms Show Cattle Pennsylvania
Sloup Simmentals Nebraska
Smith Farm Simmentals Ohio
Smith & Winegardner Show Cattle Ohio
Smiths Basic Blacks Wyoming
Sneed Cattle Company      Ohio
Snyder 5-B Farms Arkansas
Soggy Bottom Cattle Company Texas
Sojka Show Steers Iowa

Solsma Show Steers


South Dakota Club Calf Breeders

South Dakota
Southern WI Club Calf Producers Wisconsin

Springs Area Club Calf Producers

South Dakota

Spring Lake Ranch Show Steers

South Dakota

Stanger Farms

Stangl Shorthorns South Dakota
Steer City Classic Pennsylvania
Stenberg Show Steers       South Dakota

Steinke Shorthorns

Stewart Family Club Calves Texas
Stierwalt Show Cattle School Oklahoma

Stock Club Calves

South Dakota
Stockdale Farms Pennsylvania
Stockridge Farm Wisconsin
Stohlmann Cattle Company Nebraska

Stoltz & Landgren Show Cattle

Stone Cattle Company Illinois
Stone Show Supply Illinois
Storm Show Calves Ohio

Stuffed Show Steers

Trophies and Gift Ideas
Sullivan Cattle Company Iowa

Sullivan Supply, Inc.


Sunrise Club Calves

Super H Club Calves Ohio
Sutherly Brothers Ohio
SVJ Cattle Company Pennsylvania
Swanson Farms Maine Anjou Iowa
Sweeney & Simons Simmentals Iowa
Sweet Heart Sale South Dakota


Talbott Club Calves Wyoming
Talmo Ranch Georgia
Talsma Show Cattle Minnesota
Teeslink Club Calves South Dakota

Teixeira Show Steers

Tejkl Show Cattle Nebraska
Theobald Show Cattle Wisconsin
Thomas Ranch South Dakota

Thompson Show Steers

South Dakota
Thomson Club Calves Iowa
Thorne Cattle Company Texas
TLC Farms Ohio
Tonkin Family Show Cattle Wisconsin
Tolle Family Show Cattle Kentucky
Top Choice Club Calf Sale  
Top Draft Bull Sale Nebraska

Tree Lane Farms

Triple C Farms Wisconsin

Triple J Club Calf Sale

Triple R Ranch Iowa

Tri State Club Calves

Trojan Hill Farms Iowa
T and S Livestock California

Turkey Run Cattle

Turner Club Calves Texas


Valasek/Luoma Show Cattle Nebraska
VandeMac Charolais Iowa
Verlinde Show Cattle Minnesota
Ver Ploeg Farms Iowa
Viper Cattle Company Indiana

Vogler Cattle Co.


Vogler Semen Center

Voice Cattle Company Canada


Walker Cattle Co. Ohio
Walker Cattle Company Pennsylvania
Walridge Farms Iowa
Walter Cattle Co Oklahoma

Watler Farms Show Cattle


Weber Cattle Co.

Weber Show Cattle South Dakota
Weiser Family Club Calves Ohio
Welch Family Farms Texas

Welling Show Steers

Wellman Show Steers Iowa
Wellman Show Steers Iowa
Wenzel Club Calves South Dakota
Werning Cattle Company Texas

Werning Cattle Co.

South Dakota
Western PA Club Calf Producers Pennsylvania
Westfall Brothers Missouri
West Nodaway Simmentals Missouri
Wessington Springs Club Calf Sales South Dakota 
West Central Iowa Club Calf Producers Iowa
White Ranch Show Cattle Wisconsin
Whitted Show Cattle Ohio
Whorton Club Calves Arkansas
Wiese & Sons Iowa
Wilen Ranch North Dakota

Willers Mitten Brand

Willis Herefords Oklahoma

Wilkins Brothers

Wilks Family Show Steers Wisconsin

Winners Circle


Wolfe Farms Show Cattle


W.O. Limousin & Shorthorns

Work Land & Cattle Pennsylvania


Yankee Club Calves Iowa
Yearous Club Calves Colorado
Yelinek Farms Wisconsin

Z Bar H Club Calves


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